Fiat Uno low on horses, but full of bull

The Fiat Uno has never been considered a powerful vehicle, and we're sure there have been many attempts to boost its horsepower. But one man in South Africa took a different approach to performance. Instead of trying to add horses to an Uno, he went with other farm animals, stuffing his tiny Italian car with a pair of cows and a couple of goats. Did we mention he stole them?

Of course, as many hot rodders have learned before him, the man's attempt at a performance boost was totally offset by the added weight, which was a huge hindrance when he tried to outrun the cops. Even in an unmoooo-dified Uno, we can guess how the chase might have ended. But with a back seat of beef and the Billy Goats Gruff for co-pilots, the cops probably could have caught him on one of those Ferrari Segways.

As far as we know, hauling livestock in Italian-marque econo cars isn't illegal, even in South Africa. However, going for a Sunday drive in your Italian econo car with livestock that isn't yours is illegal almost everywhere.

The ill-gotten goats as well as the cows were recovered, while the would-be stock car driver managed to escape being corralled.

[Source: AP]

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