Ford Extend plug-in hybrid in the near future?

Spy photographers will lie in wait for days in the heat of the desert or the cold of Scandinavian winter to get a few shots of future product. There are a lot fewer journalists or analysts willing to sift through the millions of requests for trademarks to gain insight into an automaker's future product offerings, but they're out there. One such studious individual uncovered Ford's desire to secure the name "Extend" for a future vehicle of green intention. The trademark mentions that the Extend would be a "plug-in hybrid vehicle," which means Ford doesn't intend to let GM and Toyota have all the climate-saving fun.

It's nice to see that Ford will likely create a purpose-built hybrid in the same vein as the Prius and later the Volt, and a 110 volt connection means that 100 mpg or better is possible. In any event, lets just hope it isn't as ugly as the Airstream concept from the 2007 Detroit Auto Show.

Thanks for the tip, Mork!

[Source: Trademork]

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