McScapegoat: Ron Dennis blames internet media for losing F1 title

Ah scapegoating, the last refuge of the defeated. This season McLaren got caught red-handed (pardon the pun) and lost the constructor's championship. Then its poor reliability and performance meant that neither of the team's incredibly talented pilots could lock up the driver's title, either. Rather than look inwards to find cause for his team's enormous disappointment, team principal Ron Dennis is pointing his finger. And he's pointing in our direction.

"The internet is an unregulated source of information that is a nuissance." That's what Dennis had to say. "It has added to the pressure on our team." Ron went on a bit, but that's pretty much the gist of it. Feel free to follow the link to find out how else we and our ilk screwed things up for McLaren.

(For those not yet sufficiently entertained, Autosport is reporting that McLaren mechanics made Dennis a fake trophy.)

Don't blame us, Ron. Blame Al Gore. After all, he invented the internet.

[Source: F1-live]

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