Alt Car Expo 2007: lithium-ion Motorboard 2000XR scooter

You couldn't miss the bright young people working the Roth Motor Company's Motorboard 2000XR booth at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo yesterday. These kids were young, fit and ready to tell you all about the joys of motorboarding.

Featuring a nano lithium-ion battery from A123, the 16-pound 2000XR is able to scoot you around for somewhere between five and seven miles between charges (which the take two hours). The slogan that Roth Motor Company is using for the Motorboard is "Why Walk?" Well, my answer is that it makes sense. But, considering that the $800 Motorboard can go 15mph, there certainly is going to be a certain group of people who can make good use of a transportation device like this one. Also, you can have a lot of fun on one, judging by the people taking them for a spin in the little Motorboard pen at the Expo. Yes, I'm talking about the workers. Visitors, too, but the look on one man's face as he almost jackknifed himself into a faceplant tells me this vehicle will not appeal to everyone.

Read the press release here.

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