Autoblog Podcast #80

The embargo-breaking kerfuffle surrounding the new Nissan GT-R heads Autoblog Podcast #80. The picture made its way onto the internet through a small big whoopsie at Motor Trend, leading to a flurry of embargo breaking. We offer our incisive analysis on the new car. It looks great to us, though we kind of wish the Alice Cooper headlight treatment had stayed. We'll get to see the car in the flesh in Tokyo soon. A new Skyline is earth-shattering in its own right, but not to the same degree as Toyota getting slapped around by Ford on Consumer Reports' new reliability survey. That's right, Toyota is getting some of its models branded as below average reliability and no longer will CR recommend certain models. In another surprise, Mazda's CX-9 beat out lots of tough competition to be named Motor Trend's SUV Of The Year, though we had our money on the Enclave. We'd entirely forgotten that Jaguar was even selling the X-Type cum Mondeo here, Duratec and all. Even Jaguar-specific cylinder heads and an attempt at making a baby XJ couldn't move such an ancient platform, so the plug has been pulled long after anyone stopped paying attention. Of course, we are looking at Jaguar again, now that the XF is headed for showrooms. These content points are of course bookended by our cutting wit and expert insight, 53 minutes worth.
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