Hamilton Wiki-attack: the British press fire back

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. Remember the story we brought you a couple days ago about the Mercedes employee in Spain who trashed Lewis Hamilton on Wikipedia? Yeah, pretty ridiculous, we know. But the British media, if you can believe it, is actually taking it seriously.

The Daily Telegraph referred to the incident as a "cheap shot" fuelled by "Spanish paranoia", while the Daily Mirror claimed that "Spain's Fernando Alonso has inflamed home fans".

Daimler said they're investigating the matter, the IP address of the *ahem* perpetrator having been traced back to its office in Spain. Wikipedia removed the edits and temporarily locked the entry. That any newspaper worth its ink is even acknowledging what amounts to no more than one person's fanaticism is just ridiculous. Stay tuned to see what the Spanish papers have to say...

[Source: F1i.com]

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