Audi R8 V10 resumes Ring testing

The Audi R8 turns heads on public roads like few other sports cars on the planet, and its 420 HP V8 makes for a terrific track toy too. We've been reporting to you about a forthcoming Gallardo-sourced V10 R8 for some time, but the pumped up supercar has been absent from the 'Ring since its melt-down a few months back.

The illustrious spy photo gang led by Sir Hans Lehmann caught the V10-powered Audi halo car back on the 'Ring, and this time it's ready for disaster. There are two red switches at the base of the a-pillar that can quell any fire with an electronic, foam-based extinguisher before the expensive prototype burns to the ground. The larger air intakes behind the doors and modified rocker panel skirts will help differentiate the R8S (or whatever Audi will call it) from its $109,000 "base" model, but the angry growl of the V10 should be a tip-off too. It's good to see that Audi has gotten over its fear of fire and is back on the track with the V10 R8, and we'll continue to eagerly await the 2009 Audi supercar.

[Source: AudiWorld]

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