BusinessWeek has plans for Chrysler

BusinessWeek has an article that offers Chrysler some advice on how to take the domestic lead. The article, though, was written by Geoff Vuleta, head of a consultancy firm, and frankly offers a great deal more vision than practical implementation.

Vuleta's advice includes not painting cars any more, both to save money on paint booths which are hideously expensive, and to go green. Less paint equals fewer toxins, and driving and unpainted, clearcoated car will let people show off their green credentials (a la the Prius). Another benefit is that such a move could hasten the move to aluminum cars. He also suggests designing interiors to put smiles on drivers' faces, creating small cars that feel like big cars, and building sports cars that can comfortably fit the growing waistlines of the moneyed Boomer class.

While all of them may be good ideas, they seem a tad impractical, or generic, or terrifically costly. Especially for a car company that is simply trying to get back to balance. Although an aluminum-bodied, clearcoated Viper could be something pretty hot to see...

Thanks for the tip: Sandeep!

[Source: Business Week]

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