More MINI SAV details emerge

When the X3 dries up, there'll still be a BMW trucklet for the Austrian assembly and engineering firm to bolt together. BMW's MINI brand has been reportedly getting an SAV (BMW parlance for CUV) for a while now, and that prospect looks like it's inching toward reality. Affixing the MINI badge to the pumped-up Clubman (see gallery below) might create a rolling misnomer, but that's supposedly the plan. Code named "Colorado", the ruggedized and raised MINI will be equipped with AWD calibrated for traction rather than performance. We'll wait to pass judgement on the styling while hoping that it doesn't look like the fanciful rendering at right (click here to see full view). Ugly or cute, if Magna Steyr hits its target, it'll be pumping out a targeted 80,000 of these things per year, starting in 2010.
[Source: Motoring File]

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