McCain drinks a glass of ethanol every day

Presidential hopeful John McCain went to car-maker-city Detroit and told them they must support higher fuel efficiency standards. John says it's a national security issue and we must be leaders on green technology. John even joked he drinks a glass of ethanol every day. Here are some quotes:
  • "We need to work together to increase CAFÉ standards to a level that is practical and achievable for all new vehicles."
  • "My friends, it's a national security issue."
  • "We can't keep up this level of gas guzzling."
  • "I'm all for ethanol, I drink a glass of ethanol every morning."
  • "We need to be at the cutting edge of green technologies because 95 percent of the world's customers live outside the U.S."
Recently, when John was asked what he has done on a personal level to fight global warming, he said he bought a Prius for his daughter. John had a little trouble pronouncing the word Prius however. Here are the quotes:
  • "What's it called, a Purr-ess? Pryuss? Peer-uss?"
  • "Yeah, Py-russ"
  • "No, Prius."
  • "O.K., Prius, Prius."
  • "I ought to know the name of it; I paid for it."
In the past, John's been accused of flip-flopping his support for ethanol. Guess now he's settled his mind on the matter.

[Source: Detroit Free Press, New York Times]

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