The Porsche of kitchens

Drama in the kitchen is typically the result of some male/female dynamic, but Porsche Design has teamed up with Poggenpohl for a solution that might actually cost less in the long run when you get done factoring in the cost of chiropractor visits to fix your back after nights on the couch. Of course Porsche Design has done everything from hard drives to multihammers, not to mention shoes, watches, and everything in between, so a kitchen isn't such a big stretch. What better place to store that NeoPresso machine than in the P'7340 kitchen?

The modular design makes extensive use of aluminum, a Porsche Design trademark. The lines are clean and intended to appeal to masculine tastes. Porsche and Poggenpohl are citing a rising interest among men to fiddle around in the kitchen as an impetus for the high tech look, and that's also probably why there's an audio-video system built into the kitchen. There are lots of slick touches to keep the clean lines, such as overengineered latch and handle setups to open the doors and drawers electrically, though you can get conventional handles, too. Think of it as a kitchen with available Tiptronic.

[Source: Gizmag]

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