Spain consumer group against labeling cars "green"

When a country does something interesting, others try to follow the same path. Norway's rules on advertising, which forbids automakers from saying cars are green, environmental, clean or natural (within limits) have created a precedent which it looks like will likely be copied.
Look at the case of the Spain Consumers Union (UCE), which has formally asked the Ministry of Industry to forbid car advertising liked to ecological values. They consider that none of the cars currently sold today aren't really that green. Words like "clean", "ecological" and "green" would be vetoed in ads and under no circumstance can ads promote the idea that driving a car is good for the environment.

The UCE points to the fact that carmakers have switched their advertising messages from security to ecology and, although the improvements in anti-pollution technology are very remarkable, they insist that driving a car is not good for the environment.

[Source: Unión de Consumidores de España via La Vanguardia]

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