Tesla communication director enjoys crashing a Roadster

Yup, after David Vespremi, Tesla Motors' director of communications, saw the damage he had done to a Tesla Roadster, his first thought was, "This is great!" As perhaps you can guess, the mess he had made was purely digital, as he was playing the new racing game Project Gotham Racing 4 (remember?). The short version of his verdict is that the game is hyper-realistic and very cool. I mean, look at that image above.

David describes just how Microsoft Games Studios created the digital Roadster in the new XBox game (it went on sale this week) in a lengthy post over on the Tesla blog. It's recommended if you're a gamer, a Tesla fan or just want to see the hype machine in action. I mean, the Roadster is not availble for sale and isn't even ready yet, but game developers knew they needed to place on in the virtual race course. Just how the car was photographed and audio recorded (we covered some of the video recording here) is an amazing look behind the scenes at Tesla. Go read. Then check out the game to crash, I mean race, your own Tesla Roadster.

[Source: Tesla]

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