Project Gotham Racing 4 to feature an "Electric Vs. Petrol Showdown"!

Project Gotham Racing 4 is truly shaping up to be an awesome game for us Tesla Roadster lovers out there! We've brought you footage of the Tesla Roadster racing for the video game, and now tipster Kardax let us know about a cool new feature which is being built into the game. According to their official website, Bizarre Creations, the maker of the game, says that there is an event "called the "Electric Vs Petrol Showdown": [where] you take the wheel of a two-seater, silent, electric sportscar (the Tesla Roadster) and face-off against a gas-guzzling, noisy, mean machine (the Ferrari Testarossa)."

So, for all of us mere mortals who are likely never going to get a chance to drive a Tesla Roadster, let alone race against a Ferrari in one, Bizarre has got us covered!

[Source: Bizarre Creations, thanks Kardax!]

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