GM follows last month's gains with new incentives on trucks and SUVs

GM has bucked the domestic trend of consistently giving up market share to Japanese automakers for the past couple months, and with a new round of incentives, the General is hoping to keep the trend going. The Silverado and GMC Envoy are among the vehicles receiving an additional $1,000 in rebates during the entire month of October. GM is using targeted incentives on trucks and SUVs, but the incentives don't apply universally throughout the lineup.

Although GM's sales improved year over year in September, incentives were actually down $240 vs. August, to an average of $3,089 per vehicle. That's still $800 more than the industry average, but better than GM's incentive spending in years past. With GM's market share stabilizing, incentives closer to industry average, a competitive labor contract, and some interesting products in the pipeline, GM may have turned the barge faster than we expected.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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