NHTSA digging deeper into Volkswagen Passat engine fires

Back in May, it was reported that 2000-2003 Volkswagen Passats were currently under investigation by NHTSA due to 19 reports of engine fires supposedly caused by a failure in the coil pack. That number has since swelled to 78 over the last few months, and now includes two reported injuries as a result of the Passat's penchant for self-immolation.

Of the 345,000 Passat affected by the issue, Volkswagen has received over 14,000 warranty claims. NHTSA has received three different engine and ignition systems from the automaker, which is also in the process of investigating the cause. Only four- and six-cylinder models seem to be affected, so those of you who plunked down the extra cash for the W8 can rest easy.

[Source: Detroit News]

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