Renault intros Logan Eco2 for Challenge Bibendum

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Renault has just announced their competitor for the Challenge Bibendum that Michelin will be conducting in Shanghai China in November. The challenge is a rally where cars and trucks will be tested for CO2 and toxic emissions, performance, fuel consumption and noise. Renault will be using their low-emissions eco2 branding on a new Logan sedan that has been optimized to minimize its emissions and consumption.

The Logan eco2 has a CO2 emissions rating of just 97 g/km and is propelled by an 85 hp 1.5L diesel engine that is capable of running on B30 biodiesel. The engine has been tweaked to minimize internal friction and optimize combustion. On the outside the bodywork gets mods like a roof-mounted Vortex generator, front splitter and others to drop the drag coefficient from 0.36 to 0.29. All the changes together yield fuel consumption of 61.9 mpg (US). More details are after the jump.

[Source: Renault]

October 1, 2007


Last May saw Renault launch the Renault eco² appellation, a hallmark which underpins the firm's pledge to produce a range of vehicles that are both ecological and affordable. Today, Renault takes the wraps off Logan Renault eco2 Concept, the experimental car it will use to contest the forthcoming Michelin-organised Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, China. In addition to epitomizing the economical motor car, Logan Renault eco2 Concept is ecological, too, and complies with all three of the criteria relating to production, use and recycling required to warrant the Renault eco2 label. And with a CO2 score of just 97g/km, Logan Renault eco2 is particularly efficient on the emissions front.

The Renault eco² appellation is an eloquent illustration of Renault's commitment to the production of a range of vehicles that are both ecological and affordable; in other words, vehicles that offer measurable results throughout their lifecycle and which make advanced technologies available to the vast majority of motorists. To qualify for the Renault eco² appellation, vehicles must comply with three criteria:

- they must be produced in an ISO 14001-certified factory,
- they must emit less than 140g of CO2/km, or else run on biofuel,
- they must be 95% end-of-life reusable, while at least five per cent of the plastics they contain must be sourced from recycling.

Today, 40% of the versions that make up the Renault range have already been awarded Renault eco² status.

To participate in this year's Michelin-organised Challenge Bibendum (November 14-17), which takes place in Shanghai, China, Renault will be represented by the new Logan Renault eco² Concept. In addition to this experimental vehicle's outstanding economical credentials, Logan Renault eco² Concept is also ecological and complies with all three of the criteria required to qualify for the Renault eco² label. To begin with, Logan Renault eco² Concept was made in the Romanian factory of Pitesti which received ISO 14001 certification in 2005. Meanwhile, 8.3 per cent of the plastics it contains come from recycling and 95 per cent of its mass is reusable. Last but not least, a special effort has gone into achieving a level of CO2 emissions performance that takes it under the 100g/km threshold.

Logan Renault eco² Concept is powered by a B30-compatible 1.5 dCi engine (63kW/85hp) and benefits from a long list of technical solutions and optimisations that all stand out as avenues of development for future Renault vehicles.

- Powertrain: modified pistons and injection system for enhanced combustion, detail work on tolerances and lubrication to minimise friction, new gearbox ratios.

- Aerodynamics: the combination of a VORTEX generator (a small, drag-reducing, roof-mounted feature), a flexible splitter under the front bumper, wheel fairings and a rear lip spoiler have enabled the Cd to be cut from the 0.36 of a standard Logan to 0.29.

- Running gear: Logan Renault eco² Concept is equipped with low rolling resistance Michelin Pure tyres (185/65R15). The camber and toe settings, as well as the braking system, have also been optimised as part of the across-the-board bid to combat friction. The work accomplished on these three fronts enables Logan Renault eco² Concept to boast record low CO2 emissions of just 97g/km (NEDC combined cycle), equivalent to fuel consumption of 3.8 litres/100km.

The dashboard of Logan Renault eco² Concept is also equipped with a gearshift indicator which permits the driver to make an active contribution to the optimization of fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. By taking full advantage of this feature's benefits, it is possible to take Logan Renault eco² Concept's CO2 emissions performance below its homologated score of 97g/km.

Logan Renault eco² Concept reaffirms Renault's determination to demonstrate that ecology and affordability are perfectly compatible and asserts its conviction that the most effective environmentally-friendly techniques are those that are readily accessible to the vast majority of motorists.

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