Passenger-free biofuel Air New Zealand flight set for 2008 or 2009

That's one small flight for biofuels, one giant ... oh, you get the picture.

The news that Air New Zealand will get biofuels into the air in a Boeing 747 in either 2008 or 2009 is great for people who fly a lot and feel kind of guilty about it (course, the really rich can always planepool). We're a long, long way from truly CO2-neutral commercial flights, but this upcoming flight is surely an important take-off in that direction. The test plane will not carry passengers, and for extra security, only one of the four engines will use the kerosene/biofuel mixture. Boeing, Rolls-Royced (engine producer) and ANZ are partnering in the test. Good thing they don't consider this a race; Virgin Atlantic has got biofueluel airplane plans, too.

[Source: BBC / Richard Black via Treehugger]

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