That's one small flight for biofuels, one giant ... oh, you get the picture.

The news that Air New Zealand will get biofuels into the air in a Boeing 747 in either 2008 or 2009 is great for people who fly a lot and feel kind of guilty about it (course, the really rich can always planepool). We're a long, long way from truly CO2-neutral commercial flights, but this upcoming flight is surely an important take-off in that direction. The test plane will not carry passengers, and for extra security, only one of the four engines will use the kerosene/biofuel mixture. Boeing, Rolls-Royced (engine producer) and ANZ are partnering in the test. Good thing they don't consider this a race; Virgin Atlantic has got biofueluel airplane plans, too.

[Source: BBC / Richard Black via Treehugger]

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