Flightshare Private Members Guild hopes to get the rich and famous to carpool in the sky

The Flightshare Private Members Guild has been created by Farnborough U.K. based David Lacy, an "aviation veteran of 26 years who was the first to introduce carbon offsets to the European private jet industry last year." Honorable, the idea of reducing the impact that carbon emissions is having on the environment. Now, his new goal with this Guild is to entice jet-setting upper-class customers into sharing their private jet flights. Nice idea, but will it work? Carpooling makes a good deal of sense, and an argument could be made that your standard-fare flight is much more of an "airplane-pool" than a few celebrities in a private jet. But, if celebrities who wish to show off their green credentials actually make use of this service, it's better than them taking their jet alone, right? Plus, eliminating a source of emissions is better than offsetting them. Good luck to Lacy and the rest of the Guild.

[Source: Ecorazzi, Scientific Blogging]

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