Mascoma Corporation moving to be first with switchgrass cellulosic ethanol plant

Mascoma has been working for a long time to turn the cellulosic ethanol hope into reality. Not long ago (in July), they announced a cellulosic ethanol plant in Michigan. Last January, they announced funding for a cellulosic ethanol plant in New York state. Last week, it became Tennessee's turn for one of these announcements, this time the twist is that the cellulosic ethanol feedstock will be switchgrass.
Mascoma Corporation says that the five-million-gallon-a-year Tennessee plant, when it opens in 2009, would be the country's first operating facility producing cellulosic ethanol made from switchgrass. Mascoma's partner in the plant is the University of Tennessee, which has been conducting research that suggests "that Tennessee is capable of generating over one billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass alone." The U.S. uses about 9.2 million barrels (219,000 gallons) of Finished Motor Gasoline a day.

[Source: Mascoma]

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