Former U.S. Senator Daschle joins board of cellulosic company Mascoma

The former Democratic Senator from South Dakota (and Senate Minority and Majority Leader) Tom Daschle is now on the board of cellulosic ethanol company Mascoma, the company announced this week. Mascoma researches cellulosic ethanol production methods with the help of investors like Vinod Khosla.

In a statement, Daschle said, "As a U.S. Senator, I supported numerous public and private efforts to advance the corn ethanol industry in the Midwest, to the point that this is now a multi-billion dollar, domestic renewable fuels industry. I look forward to working with Mascoma, its investors, and its public and private partners to create a complementary cellulosic ethanol industry that spans the entire country, and other locations throughout the world."

He may not have a lot of experience in the lab, but Daschle should be good for a few million more in grants thanks to his government ties, no?

[Source: Inside Greentech]

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