That time already? Pontiac's ready for you to build your own G8

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The Pontiac G8 isn't set to go on sale until after its debut in February at next year's Chicago Auto Show, but that hasn't stopped the launch of a new minisite where you can 'build your G8' just the way you like it. After choosing whether you want the standard V6 or the V8-powered GT model, you can then proceed to pick a color and interior trim choice. Then it's just a matter of choosing the premium or sport package and viewing your summary.

Most of the car's specifications have already been revealed, but one of the more interesting tidbits revealed on the minisite is that there's no mention of a six-speed manual gearbox as used in the Aussie VE Commodore. Does this mean the G8 won't be offered with a standard transmission, but rather your choice of a five- or six-speed automatic? For shame, GM. For shame.

Concerning the paint and interior trim, we also learn that the G8 will be available in six new colors, including a bright purple called "Stealth Blue Metallic" and eye-popping orange called "Ignition Orange Metallic", and also that a mix of black and red trim will be used for the cabin.

No pricing information has been released, which means you should just keep dreaming of one day buying the new Pontiac G8 until GM reveals the price tag and reality sets in.

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[Source: Pontiac]

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