Glamor post of the week: BMW Hydrogen 7 is official limo for Rome Film Festival

Lights, camera, action! A small fleet of BMW 7-Series Hydrogen will be used by the Rome Film Festival organisation to move VIP guests to the red carpet.

BMW will be present at the second edition of the Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma, as "ecomobility provider" for the event. The Bavarian marque will supply the fleet to the organisation so they can provide transportation to both cinema stars and personalities from the institutional world (read: politicians). I just hope that the hotel is near enough the theaters: the Hydrogen 7 can only run 200 km (about 120 miles) on a single tank/charge of hydrogen. When the H2 runs out, they can always switch to the gasoline tank, I suppose.

It's obvious that BMW is investing a lot of money promoting its Hydrogen 7 with celebrities. I'm no celebrity, but I'll admit it: if it fit in my garage, I'd like to try one as well.

[Source: BMW Italia]

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