Spyker slaps name on consumer electronics

If Ferrari can lend its name to an outrageously expensive phone, why can't Spyker rent out its logo to a line of consumer electronics? And that's what they've done, with not just one mobile phone, but three. And three MP3 players, two mobile video players and two USB memory sticks.

You'd be right to expect Spyker-like prices, and the company doesn't disappoint. But we also associate unique design with Spyker and, well, except for those cool looking brushed-metal memory devices, this line of badge-engineered electronica screams cheap, not charismatic.

The video player above costs €249 (about $352), while the phone at right will set you back €299 (about $422). On the other hand, those two memory sticks each hold 2gb apiece and only cost €49 (about $70).

Click on either image to go to Spyker's Web site where you can download a PDF with complete stats on this new line of gadgets.

[Source: Autoblog.nl (no relation to us)]

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