Meet the Audi TT-T, the last T stands for Truck

Most people buy pickup trucks for one reason, and one reason alone: to carry stuff. They don't buy pickups because they want to drive a sports car and carry a few items on the weekend. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule as evidenced by this Audi TT sports coupe, which was converted into a pickup by having its rear hatch replaced with an open flatbed.

As the images reveal, the owner of this oddity does like to use it as a genuine workhorse but, being a sports coupe, the cargo space was always going to be severely limited. The fact that there appears to be no tonneau cover also suggests that this could just be a running joke or a method for this tradesman to promote his business in a comical way. Whatever it is, it's starting to make us sick the more we look at it. We just hope nobody else has any similar ideas.

[Source: German Car Zone]

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