Former Gov. Bush (Jeb, not the president) isn't the pro-ethanol voice his bio suggests

Ahhh, the hypocritical politician (or ex-politician). He certainly is not a dying breed, is he? The latest green-car hypocrite is former governor Jeb Bush. According to the AP, Bush recently said he drives a "a Chrysler 300 with a big Hemi in it." Of course, that 17-25 mpg car can't use ethanol. And, let's tie this all together with the facts: Jeb Bush passed pro-ethanol legislation while he was still governor, worked to start (and co-chairs) the Interamerican Ethanol Commission, and called ethanol "one was one of those light bulb deals for me." Light bulbs for other people, anyway.
How did Bush respond to a follow-up question from the AP about his car? Like his brother would: "Why would I have to defend it? It's a great car. I believe in freedom." Jeb, you should have said that corn ethanol is a terrible idea, and that you'll switch to E85 when it's made from switchgrass. Or orange peels.

[Source: AP]

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