Florida energy bill promotes renewables, conservation

Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed Florida Senate Bill 888 last Monday. The bill lays out a four-year, $100-million plan designed to reduce the state's imported oil and promote local renewable energy sources like biofuels. Bush signed the bill in Tampa at the opening of Florida's newest ethanol production facility. The bill also creates Energy Efficient Week (October 5-11, 2006) when sales tax will not be collected on sales of new energy-efficient appliances and other energy-efficient products that cost $1,500 or less. Another new entity, the Florida Energy Commission, will be created because of the bill. The commission is a nine-member panel that will advise the Florida Legislature on "state energy policy based on the guiding principles of reliability, efficiency, affordability and diversity." Bush also supports new nuclear plants in Florida.
[Source: State of Florida via Renewable Energy Access]

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