Could the Pope make 15 mpg a sin?

The details, of course, are still unknown. But that Pope Benedict XVI will turn his first address to the United Nations next April into a chance to espouse on the moral side of living a greener life has been confirmed by Vatican spokesmen.
Readers who have been with us for a while will remember that the Vatican was became the first country to fully offset CO2 emissions earlier this summer, so it's not like the Pope is all hat and no cattle here (and those Pope hats are something else).

So, just what will - or can, I'm quite unfamiliar with Catholic rulemaking - the ex-Mr. Ratzinger say makes up a moral and green life? The Independent says that the Pope "is expected to use his first address to the United Nations to deliver a powerful warning over climate change in a move to adopt protection of the environment as a 'moral' cause for the Catholic Church and its billion-strong following." Do we have any Catholic readers who can maybe shed a bit of light on this question? Anyone else want to chime in with what you hope the Pope says? On the one hand, I think it's the right move to tie living with a smaller impact on the environment to a moral code. On the other hand, its' not like the Vatican's moral rules are exactly always-honored now, are they?

[Source: The Independent / James Macintyre via Ecorazzi]

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