The first country to fully offset CO2 emissions

The quest to fully offset CO2 your emissions is not difficult if you are the smallest country in the world, that is, Vatican City. The city-state has installed solar panels over Paul VI's hall that will generate enough electricity and hot water for the area. Vatican City has also bought terrain in Hungary to plant trees that will offset completely all their CO2 emissions. The new forest is, actually, a donation made by the Catholic Site to Planktos, Inc. and Kilmafa, two companies that work in restoring natural habitats. Therefore, the Holy See will be the first country in the world that will have a zero carbon impact on the atmosphere.

Vatican City already uses electric NEVs for police duties.

"Those who destroy the environment are also big sinners", said Cardinal Raffaele Martino and president of Justice and Peace. "It's a big insult to God", he affirmed. Other sources from Vatican City affirm that these new ecological directives will be included in the upcoming versions of Catecism.


[Source: Vatican City via EnergĂ­as Alternativas]

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