NASA considering sending new vehicles to the moon

So far, all of the rovers that NASA has sent to the moon have been of the unpressurized variety, meaning that the astronauts are required to be inside their spacesuits. It looks like NASA is considering changing that with concepts of their next moon-bound rover. Described as a moving habitat, the vehicles could be used in missions as long as two weeks and would be sent out in pairs in case one breaks down. Mike Gernhardt, NASA's lead for extravehicular physiology systems and performance projects says "If you can picture this thing, it's kind of a combination between a spacesuit and a sports car." The picture above doesn't look too much like a sports car, but maybe with the distinct lack of gravity on the moon, the performance would be stellar? The vehicles likely would be electric, powered either by a fuel cell or solar, or both. NASA is not known for doing things on the cheap, and when queried on the projected cost of such a vehicle, Gernhardt replied, "I will only say that it will be more than a Ferrari." Ya think?


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