Nissan GT-R will debut in Gran Turismo 5 as downloadable car

click above image for more screenshots of the NIssan GT-R in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

It's only about a month until the world debut of Nissan's all-new GT-R at the Tokyo Motor Show and, in an innovative marketing stunt, fans will be able to start using the car in the latest Gran Turismo game as soon as the covers come off the real thing. Anyone unable to attend the show will be able to see the car up close and at multiple angles by downloading a demo version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the Play Station 3, whose availability will coincide with the launch of the iconic car.

There will be several new models unveiled in the game in addition to the GT-R, which in a nod to enthusiasts who've been frothing at the mouth, will be sporting the familiar camouflaged front and rear cladding as seen in spy shots of the car. As these official screen shots reveal, players will also be able to test drive the GT-R Proto concept car from 2005, as well.

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[Source: NAGTROC Forums]

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