Miles Rubin, eternal optimist, interviewed on NPR

NPR's Elizabeth Shogren spent a morning with Miles Rubin recently, and has a report on the man and his electric machines. The result is a 5:30 minute piece that succinctly captures the current electric vehicle market and Miles Electric Vehicles' place in it. We also hear from David Cole, Chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, on the extreme difficulty inherent in getting an EV to market. Still, Rubin is positive his company can make a difference.

"I think everybody has to do something. We can't just depend on governments. Yes it will take government action to make a change, but we can't sit back and wait for Congress," Rubin told NPR.

One human touch: The story of how Rubin's wife jokes that her husband doesn't know anything the major automakers don't, so what does that say about his chances? Miles agrees it's tough, but still told Shogren that Miles Electric Vehicles is still planning on a highway speed car in 2009 for $30,000. That's the Javlon xs500. Just two more years until we see how Miles implements this plan.

You can listen to or read the report here.

[Source: NPR, thanks to Beth @ Miles EVs]

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