Jessica Alba drives Prius in Good Luck Chuck

Smoking hot Jessica Alba drives a Prius. In a MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech, Jessica even suggested "practice safe sex and drive a hybrid if you can." Seems art imitates life because in her recent movie, Good Luck Chuck, her character drives a Prius as well. In the film, she gets a jump (Does a Prius ever need a jump?) from Chuck. Later in the same scene Jessica loses her pink skirt in a car door. On Jay Leno, Alba admitted to getting a speeding ticket. So I guess we can add her to the list of celebrities speeding in their Priuses. Appearing on Letterman, Alba said she was in a "state" in Amsterdam ( hmmmmm......) recently and forgot how to ride a bike. You can watch the video of Alba on Leno and Letterman below the fold. Good Luck Chuck opens September 21.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel blog]

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