Woz gets $700 ticket for going 105 MPH in a Prius

It seems Gore Junior is not alone. Apple co-founder Steve "the Woz" Wozniak got a $700 ticket for going 105 MPH in a Prius back on March 28. When asked, Woz playfully denied the charges. "Not true," Wozniak replied, "104 MPH. I pleaded guilty, with an explanation." In an e-mail exchange with Mr. Roadshow, he explained that since he's been all over the world, he'd "gotten used to kilometer speeds." The judge smiled and fined him anyway.

The March incident is not his first time speeding in the Prius. He had previously taken it that high last Thanksgiving en route to a Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. He was "surprised" his Prius showed itself to be "very stable, even with major gusting winds" compared to his HUMMER. Yep, you read that correctly: Woz has a HUMMER, too. He advised the judge that he now observes the proper speed limit.

"I'm not a fast person or a fast driver," he says. "I'm very laid-back and patient and don't mind going slowly at all." Besides, fuel efficiency goes down when you go faster. Instead of 55 MPG, you might only get 31 MPG. Well, depending on the wind speed, says Woz... and he would know.

[Source: San Jose Mercury News]

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