EcoWatts: another "free energy" company touts their scam *ahem* invention

Remember a while back when a company tried and failed to show off their "free energy" machine? For the purposes of this post, we'll simply refer to that event as the "Stoern debacle." That company claims that their machine is capable of giving off more energy than it takes to run it. In fact, 285 times more energy! Yeah, but it turns out that the last time that they tried to show off their wares, the machine failed to work.

Now, there is another company making claims of free energy. Simply put, nobody is really expecting this machine to work either. The company is called EcoWatts, and they claim that their machine gives off hot water containing twice the energy that it took to produce the hot water. Call us skeptical. Click here for more.

[Source: Daily Mail via Engadget]

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