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That McLaren windshield smash video? It's a fake

It went viral by accident, if you believe the guy behind the camera.

For the record, clearly fake Chevy Jolt EV website is fake

Someone created a website to advertise a non-existent electric vehicle from Chevy, the Jolt. It's a publicity stunt, and also a pretty good fake.

No, Eminem is not giving away the Cadillac Ciel concept, Facebookers

Damn it, Facebook people, stop being so gullible. When you see something on social media that requires you to share or like a status or page in exchange for a chance at winning something, it's almost always a hoax. This goes for iPads, or Bill Gates giving away cash or, yes, an Eminem fan page giving away a Cadillac Ciel. Now, normally we'd simply ignore this utter hogwash, but it's getti

Ford issues warning on email hoax offering $15k Fusion Hybrid

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Click above for high-res gallery

Liposuction biodiesel might be a hoax, redux

Perhaps it was too rich to be true. The bunch at WIRED, the same magazine that questioned a similar story in 2006, has got three reasons to believe that yesterday's news about biodiesel made from Beverly Hills liposuct

Surprise: No free energy from Archer Quinn

As the late, great Freddie Mercury used to say, "Another one bites the dust." Although, like most free energy proponents, Archer Quinn is not ready to admit that he is wrong, but it seems that the rest of the world just isn't good enough for his world-changing invention ... or something. Honestly, it is rather difficult to make any sense at all from the ramblings on Jeremy Korzeniewski

EcoWatts: another "free energy" company touts their scam *ahem* invention

Remember a while back when a company tried and failed to show off their "free energy" machine? For the purposes of this post, we'll simply refer to that event as the "Stoern debacle." That company claims that their machine is capable of giving off more energy than it takes to run it. In fact, 285 times more energy! Yeah, but it turns out that the last time that they tried to show off their wares, the machine failed to work.