Foxy Ladies = free green tuneup (or is it 40)

Yesterday, I wrote about the UK's Kwik-Fit's £29 "green" tune up that not only makes your car run smoother, but also sent £10 to a carbon offset program. So, in effect, Kwik-Fit sells a £19 green up. What does the female-motorist-friendly drivers club Foxy now offer? A similar green car check that, well, costs £40.
Granted, Foxy is offering women this service for free (just sign up on their website for the £30 membership), and I don't know exactly what the differences are between the two deals, but it seems like there's a chance Foxy might be exaggerating the value of this free service, don't you think? But whatever. Let's see what Foxy wants to give away.

According to the website, it seems like the free deal will get your tires inflated correctly, check your oil and water levels and top up any necessary fluids. If that's worth £40 free to you, you're female and you live in the UK, enjoy the tune up.

[Source: FOXY Lady Drivers Club]

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