Kwik-Fit says 29 will tune up, eco out your car for six months

Go in for an engine tune up, and tune up the environment as well? That's the plan for Kwik-Fit's new £29 Go Green option (this cost is on top of normal service). What do you get for your thirty pounds? The normal tuneup and Kwik-Fit sends £10 right along to CarbonNeutral to fund carbon offset programs. Man, is there any automotive service/item/function that can't be tied to carbon offset these days?
Kwik-Fit says the service will "help motorists run cleaner, more efficient vehicles thus reducing their motoring impact on the environment," but we're all aware that properly inflated tires, a new air filter, etc. will get you that same benefit. Here's what Kwik-Fit will give you for Go Green and 20 minutes of your time:
  • An information pack about The CarbonNeutral Company scheme along with a certificate to commemorate the offsetting of one tonne of carbon.
  • Adding a fuel treatment to the tank that systematically cleans the engine and ensures it burns cleanly and efficiently.
  • Checking brakes are operating efficiently – minimising the amount of fuel needed to slow the car.
  • Checking emissions for improper gases so that they meet and exceed legal requirements for a balanced mix.
  • Checking that the engine management system sensor for O2 is operational and sending the optimum amount of fuel to the combustion chamber.
  • Offsetting one tonne of carbon by funding verified emissions reductions projects around the world. This is equivalent to 6 months or 4,000 miles of average driving by the average car.
First, good brakes mean you need less fuel to slow the car? Huh? Enlighten me. Second, let's remember that these carbon offset numbers are apparently flexible. Just the other day, the green insurance company Ibuyeco (which is also working with The CarbonNeutral Company) said a ton of CO2 is what a car emits in a whole year, not the 6 months that Kwik-Fit is using. Then again, you don't buy insurance more than once a year (usually), but cars need regular tuning up.

[Source: Kwik-Fit]

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