300 bhp Subaru WRX runs on LPG, can be user-tuned for economy or performance

One of the reasons homebrew biodiesel is becoming more and more common, I believe, is that it allows individuals to take some control over their own fuel. But going that route is quite an investment of time and money. For people who like to have some say in the way their car burns fuel, but don't want to actually make any fuel, Future Power is about to display an LPG conversion package quite ready for high performance cars and luxury vehicles.

The user control factor comes in because drivers can tune the engine by plugging in a laptop. As Future Power says, you can "drive to the track day economically and up the juice for faster lap times." Future Power has not designed the system for standard treehugging low-emissions vehicles, although it could easily be adapted, couldn't it?

The LPG conversion system will be exhibited in the UK in a variety of "high performance machinery" (including a 300 bhp Subaru WRX) next weekend (Sept. 22nd) in Wiltshire.

[Source: Future Power]

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