DaimlerChrysler to Toyota/GM on batteries: do it yourself!

Just when the GM-Toyota public fight on outsourcing battery technology was getting boring, in comes DaimlerChrysler with an interesting idea: Do it yourself! "We will certainly not simply buy this key technology from just any supplier" said DaimlerChrysler research head Thomas Weber at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Thomas has a good point. The battery is clearly becoming an integral part of the car. Maybe it's time for car companies to do some more development in house?
DaimlerChrysler will invest heavily to ensure it does not have to depend solely on outside companies for battery development. DaimlerChrysler holds several patents for lithium-ion batteries they intend to use in hybrids released in 2009. That's a full year ahead of GM's planned release of the Volt! So, DaimlerChrysler may beat GM and Toyota in the lithium-ion battery race and hold all the rights to the technology.

[Source: Reuters]

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