Toyota VP bets $100 they make first lithium-ion vehicle

GM will probably have the first plug-in vehicle on the market, but Toyota is not out of the game just yet. The senior staff seems confident in the future of lithium-ion batteries at Toyota. Don Esmond, senior vice president of Toyota's U.S. automotive operations, says "I've got $100 in my pocket that says we'll be the first automaker to put a lithium-ion vehicle out there."

Don says "advances in technology take a consistent, long-term focus. That's what we've done." They either assume GM won't commit or maybe they have a product offering coming sooner than we know. Jim Lentz, Toyota's U.S. executive vice president of sales, did not rule of a completely revamped Prius line next year. "It's possible," "but probably not."

Maybe the Prius is delayed but Toyota's two door plug-in hybrid SUVs are right on time? I can dream, can't I :D What do you think? I know they had a bad week with GM's press conference but they seem a little too optimistic to me. I hope they are planning something soon because I don't think this is EV-1 all over again. A lot has changed since EV-1.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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