Fashonistas rejoice: Michalsky creates Audi corporate fashion line

Step into an Audi dealer or visit its stands at car shows from next week onwards and you'll notice something common among all the staff. Audi will be issuing a new corporate look for all its personnel at public events, teaming up with German fashion designer Michael Michalsky to create an ensemble that best represents the firm. In this case, it's a plain black figure-hugging suit on top of a white blouse or shirt.
Staff at next week's Frankfurt Auto Show will be donning the new outfit for the first time and eventually, it will be worn by Audi personnel in international markets as well. Michalsky is no stranger to Audi, he currently owns a Q7 SUV, and with several major design awards under his belt, selecting him was an easy decision for Audi.

Sure, the simple black-and-white office look matches Audi's understated and professional image, but we think a return to traditional German outfits are in order. A salesman trying to talk you into buying a luxo sedan in a pair of traditional German Lederhosen and knee-high socks would be something unforgettable.

[Source: Audi]

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