Low-rolling resistance tires reduce fuel consumption for the Peugeot 308

The frugal 1.6-liter diesel Peugeot 308 (and the very frugal diesel hybrid version) get some of their low numbers to Michelin's new low-rolling resistance tires, called Energy Saver. According to AN Europe, the tires themselves don't subtract too many grams of CO2 emitted for each kilometer driven (just four grams) or liters of fuel required to move the car (just 0.2 per 100 kilometers), but take the four rubber circles in context with other fuel economy measures in the 308 line (weight reduction, using a diesel or diesel-hybrid powertrain) and you can see where some of the vehicle's low numbers come from. Continental, Goodyear and Bridgestone also offer low-rolling resistance tires.

[Source: Dale Jewett / Automotive News Europe (subs req'd)]

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