We found a couple great Fifth Gear videos for you from the new season, so we decided to put both into one post. First (above), Vicky Butler-Henderson pits two of the hottest luxury sport coupes, the all-new Audi S5 and the BMW 335i. These two vehicles show just how far the sport coupe market has come in the past few years, and Vicky took both to the track to see which vehicle was quicker. The rear-drive Bimmer had it all over the S5 in the handling department while also weighing a few hundred pounds less, but the S5 used its over 50HP advantage courtesy of its brute-force V8 engine to even the score. Click play above to see who won the time trial by a minuscule .6 seconds.

Hit the jump to view the second Fifth Gear video, and see what could be a teaser of the Veyron cabrio.

[Source: YouTube]

Our good friend Tiff Needell always seems to get the best assignments, and in the following video, he was able to visit the Bugatti factory and take a Veyron for a spin. First he teases us by showing the "top speed" key, which is needed to hit the ridiculous 253 MPH top speed. While that makes for great TV, we're more interested in what Sir Tiff couldn't show us. It seems that there is more to the Bugatti brand, and at about 3:25 into the spot, the clever camera operator plays a little game we like to call "just the tip, just for a second." We can see just past the front wheel well of the front end of Bugatti's 1,001 HP beast. It's almost certainly another Veyron, so a drop top is the only option. For some reason, we don't think the engineers at Bugatti would let us hit 253 MPH with the top down, would they? Check out the video below.

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