LiquidPiston might improve ICE efficiency 250 percent

Adams Capital Management and Northwater Capital gave Nick Shkolnik $1.25 M and two years to try to revinvent the internal combustion engine. Shkolnik thinks his engine will be 2.5 times more fuel efficient than current ICEs. His company, LiquidPiston, is basing the engine on the High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC) thermodynamic cycle, which is totally like the Otto, Diesel and Atkinson cycles.

Fuel is compressed like the Diesel cycle, combusted like the Otto cycle and allowed to expanded like the Atkinson cycle. If you understood any of that, Nick is looking for an engineer. If you do get a job with Nick, you can thank us by coming back over the next two years and give exclusive interviews to AutoblogGreen on how you help take over the $250 BILLION dollar internal combustion engine market :D

[Source: Courant]

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