World's Fastest Diesel Pickup controversy settled

The Great Pickup Controversy has been settled. It was reported last week that the Rocket Ranger, from SPAL USA, crossed the Bonneville Salt Flats at 215.091 miles per hour. In doing so, SPAL claimed it set the top speed world record for a pickup truck. However, back in 2002, Gale Banks Engineering's Project Sidewinder Dakota ran the flats at 217.306. So SPAL actually didn't get the world record, yet because of their 215+ run they now hold the national top speed title. Why? Because as in boxing, there are multiple bodies that ignore one another and crown their own champions. The FIA certifies world records, the Southern California Timing Association certifies national records, and neither body acknowledges the other's certifications. SPAL got its from the SCTA, Banks from the FIA. Banks has congratulated SPAL, but wants to unify the titles with its own run in the future. So it ain't over. Stay tuned.


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