Car emissions reduced but global emissions overall increase

Environmental Defense has launched a report about how automakers are improving to reduce emission levels. The highlights of the report state that, although individually almost all models reduced emissions in the last three years, the overall contribution to global warming has continued to grow since 1990. That is, although cars pollute 3 percent less than in 2004, the net increase in emissions is 1.5 percent since 1990.
When reporting about brands, the report says that the American Big Three were the worst performers in emissions. On the other hand, Toyota is praised not only for its hybrid models but also for improvements in the Corolla; BMW is lauded for a 12 percent across the board reduction because of Mini.

Speaking about the six best sellers in the US:
  • GM is the automaker which pollutes the most, although its global impact is 6.5 percent smaller due to sales decrease.
  • Ford also increased emissions but for the same reasons as GM, its impact is 6 percent lower.
  • DaimlerChrysler's pollution increased as well with the worst truck average.
  • Toyota's emissions dropped 3 percent overall; however its impact was up 125 percent thanks to increased sales.
  • Honda sold more as emissions shot up 4.4 percent, the company has the most efficient lineup.
  • Nissan had the biggest jump, selling more trucks than cars.
[Source: Environmental Defense]

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