Been there, kinda done that: G-Power's 550 HP BMW E46 M3 CSL V10

You figure after two different tuners had squeezed the M5's 500 HP V10 into an E92 BMW 3-series, you'd seen enough of that particular swap. Not quite. The German tuners at G-Power thought that a more suitable candidate for the big boy in the M lineup would be the previous generation E46 M3. A CSL no less.

Performing the swap is a feat unto itself, but G-Power managed to coax another 43 HP from the V10, dropping the power to weight ratio to 5.95 lbs./hp, and allowing the M3 to scoot to 60 in 4.2 seconds and onto a theoretical top speed of 208 MPH.

Getting that power to the ground is a set of 21-inch G-Power Silverstone Diamond wheels, along with a KW-Automotive custom-tuned suspension setup.

Although G-Power offers this swap for both the E46 and the E92 3-series coupes, they will also cram the V10 into the Z4 and X5, and the madness doesn't end there. The tuning company is in the process of developing a twin-supercharger kit for the V10 that's expected to boost power up to between 640 and 750 HP.

[Source: G-Power via World Car Fans]

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