'Ring-spotting: BMW M3 look-a-like receives V10 transplant

You know you're getting a bit jaded when you pass up posting a few shots of an E92 3-series with a M5 V10 under the hood. Been there, done that, right? But we were finally compelled to share it with you when we found out what vehicle was used as the recipient – a new BMW M3. Well, that's not quite true, while this car may look for all the world like a new M3, it's actually a run-of-the-mill E92 3-series coupe that's cleverly dressed to the nines to appear like an M3. The tip-off is that there are no M-parts on the inside. Crazy Germans, though they've obviously done an incredible job fooling everyone.

A forum member over at M3Post was able to snag several shots of the 500 HP coupe while on holiday in Germany, where the Bremgo-tuned M3 imposter was sitting outside the Nurburgring doing its best to look menacing and inviting at the same time.

Aside from the engine switch, the German tuning firm swapped in an M5's seven-speed SMG (doh!), along with ditching the stock thrones for Recaro units and a Hartge carbon-fiber steering wheel. And if you're wondering about the rollers, those are 20-inch AC Schnitzers wrapped in 295/25/20 rubber.

More pics here. Enjoy!

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