SPAL USA's "Rocket Ranger" truck sets C/Diesel Truck land speed record

The Buckeye Bullet 2 and Ford's Hydrogen Fusion 999 were not the only vehicles out at the Bonneville Salt Flats recently. Last week, the "Rocket Ranger," a modified Ford Ranger pickup, set a new land speed record as the World's Fastest Diesel Pickup Truck. The Rocket Ranger's average speed in the run was 215.091 miles-per-hour, which is almost two mph higher than the previous record (213.583) in the "C/Diesel Truck" class.

The "Rocket Ranger" has a Ford Powerstroke/International 6.0-liter diesel engine with Hypermax intercooled series turbochargers, injectors and Mach 7 performance module, dual SPAL USA 12" high-performance cooling fans and a ZF 6-speed transmission, according to SPAL. The Rocket Ranger might return to the Flats this fall to try and beat the new record. The truck has been able to go as fast as 222 mph, but not (yet) in the full series of tests.

[Source: SPAL USA]

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